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ScanVir 2023 in Tromsø

The Norwegian Virologic Society recently hosted the Second ScanVir Meeting in Tromsø from 22-24 March at Scandic Ishavshotel. The meeting was attended by virologists and researchers from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway, who gathered to discuss and exchange knowledge on virology.

The conference featured a wide-ranging scientific program that included both basic research themes and clinical cases. One of the highlights of the meeting was a panel discussion on pandemic preparedness, which was of particular relevance given the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Delegates were provided with an opportunity to meet and greet each other, establish new contacts and share ideas. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, which made the meeting an ideal place to network and learn from each other in the field of virology.

Tromsø, known for its beautiful landscape, was a stunning location for the conference. Delegates were treated to sunny weather, a clear view of the northern lights, and the snow-capped mountains in the background. The scenic surroundings provided a great atmosphere for the conference attendees to engage in lively discussions and learning.

Overall, the Second ScanVir Meeting was a great success, offering an excellent opportunity for virologists and researchers from different Nordic countries to share their knowledge and experiences in the field.

Great thanks to the Scientific Committee consisting of Anders Sönnerborg, Susanne Dudman, Garth Tylden, Andreas Lind, Laura Kakkola, Tarja Sironen, Teemu Smura, Sophie Midgley, Heli Harvala Simmonds, Svein Arne Nordbø, Erling Høyer, Christine Hanssen Rinaldo, and Varpu Marjomäki.

We’ve included some photos from the meeting below to commemorate the event.

Hope to seeing you all at the next ScanVir meeting in 2025!